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So You Want a House with "Character"

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Jun 17




As a realtor, when a homebuyer tells me they’re looking for a house with "character," they often mean they want a home with unique features that set the home apart from more generic, mass-produced homes. These features could be architectural details, a distinctive history, millwork or unique design elements that give the home personality and charm.

When looking for a home for a home with character, it’s important to clarify with your agent what you mean by "character" to make sure your both on the same page. Here are some questions to consider:

Age and Style Preference: Are you looking for a historic home or would you prefer something newer but with unique architectural details? What architectural styles are you most drawn to (e.g., Victorian, Craftsman, Mid-century Modern?

Interior Features: Are there specific interior features you are looking for such as original woodwork, built-ins, unique floor plans, or fireplaces?

Exterior and Lot Features: Do you have a preference for the lot? For example, are you looking for large trees, a garden, or perhaps an unusual shape or size of the lot?

Renovation Willingness: How do you feel about renovations? Do you want a turnkey home with character, or are you willing to do some work to bring out the character in a home?

Did I miss anything? What does “character” mean to you? Let us know know in the comments.


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