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FAQ: Are Real Estate Taxes the Same as Property Taxes?

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Jun 17




Real estate taxes and property taxes are often used interchangeably, but there can be slight differences depending on the context and jurisdiction.

Real Estate Taxes: These typically refer to taxes imposed on real property, which includes land and any structures attached to it, such as buildings. These taxes are generally assessed by local governments (counties, cities, or municipalities) based on the property’s assessed value.

Property Taxes: This term is broader and can include taxes on both real property (real estate) and personal property. Personal property refers to movable items like vehicles, machinery, and equipment. In many contexts, property taxes primarily refer to taxes on real property, but in some jurisdictions, it can also include personal property taxes.

In most residential real estate contexts, when people refer to property taxes, they are usually talking about real estate taxes. However, it’s always good to confirm.

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