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Hi there! I’m Lakisha Chichester, a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal and Licensed Real Estate Professional. Every day I'm thrilled  that I get to blend my legal background and real estate savvy to support you in loving where you live! 

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My Story

My real estate adventure kicked off in 1998 in New Jersey. Despite having  limited funds and my not the best credit, my husband and I managed to buy our first home. That experience taught me a lot about real estate—everything from budgeting, taxes, and home maintenance to tackling various DIY projects. By the time we sold that home in 2005, we had more than doubled our investment—talk about a rewarding start!

We moved to North Carolina in 2005 and purchased our second home, this time with more solid financial planning, good credit scores and a deeper grasp of what homeownership truly involves. Life threw a curveball in 2009, when I inherited a house after my mom passed away. Suddenly I was a landlord, diving headfirst into the complexities of property management. 

As life evolved, our children left the nest, we downsized, selling house# 2, and purchasing a quaint two bedroom townhome,  only to find ourselves needing more office space as our work and business grew. This led us to our current home-house#4, a colonial with ample office space in a quiet neighborhood in Durham, NC. 

We've enjoyed remodeling and renovating properties, increasing their value and selling and using the tax-free equity to purchase additional properties. By 2021, I was a NC licensed real estate broker, utilizing my legal background and firsthand real estate experience to navigate the intricate world of all things real estate. 

I invite you to join me on this journey and to achieve your own property goals. Whether you’re buying, selling, remodeling or renovating property, there's something for you here because everyone deserves to love where they live! 

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